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Just A Little Help

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I’ve had several calls from prospective clients who want help with “just a small job.” They were hesitant and almost apologetic for wanting  “just a little help.”

My response is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting “just a little help.” A little assistance with an interior designer can go a long way. In a few hours a designer can help you in a variety of ways including: picking colors, identifying your style, creating a more functional yet beautiful space, or helping you edit your space (adding or subtracting items) to make it feel more complete.

Many people watch design shows on television where people tear into their spaces ripping out and discarding everything. While the end result is dramatic and new, it is often a very costly and potentially wasteful process. And more importantly a beautiful space can often be obtained much more simply and quickly.

Here are some benefits of using an interior designer:

  • Color selection: Paint is one way to bring color into your space and it can give you the “biggest bang for your buck.” However, choosing the right color or colors can be daunting. There are so many colors out there and you want to choose something that sets the right “tone” for your room and that complements the furniture, fabrics, artwork, etc. already in place. In addition you need to consider whether the color flows nicely with other colors as you move from room to room, how light will impact your color, whether you want to have an accent wall, whether to use a different colored trim and whether that little swatch will really look good all over your walls. The considerations are many, so get some help up front and paint just once!  Maybe you love your paint, but you need help picking out the colors in furniture, fabrics and accessories. Whatever your color dilemma, a designer can help! In the picture below you can see how using the right color, a luscious clay, on the walls, along with a new rug that pulls all the colors in the room together created a dramatic change in a formerly bland living room.

After Delano Designs

  • Style: A designer can help you identify your style and how to use this style when choosing furniture, fabrics and accessories for your space. In the living room pictured below we used a black and white palette to create the desired modern feel.

Modern Neutrals Living Room Delano Designs

  • Layout: Placing your furniture can be quite challenging. We’ve all seen those quirky rooms where the furniture just doesn’t seem to work or see a beautiful empty space and once the furniture is in the room realize that the 5 doors into the room make a horrible traffic flow issue!  A designer can help you arrange your furniture so that your space is both functional and beautiful. With 3D design software you can even see your room virtually and try out several arrangements before you break your back moving everything around. Designers can also help you configure built-in cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom and other rooms in your space. They can provide you with floor plans and drawings that will help you or your installer place everything correctly. In the pictures below you can see the original floor plan of a kitchen/laundry area on the left, with the proposed floor plan in the middle, and on the right a 3D perspective of the proposed floor plan. These plans and perspectives can be very useful in the decision making process.
  • Pulling your room together: A designer can help you decide what works in your room and what doesn’t. You can then focus on buying only those pieces or items that you need and rid your rooms of the pieces that just don’t fit. It may be that all you need are some new accessories, or paint, or some new upholstery to update and freshen up your space and give you the room you love. The ottoman pictured below was reupholstered to bring it back to life.

Furniture Upgrade Living Room After 3 Delano Designs

These are just a few of the ways an interior designer can benefit you and your project. Getting “just a little help” up front can save you a whole lot of drama, work and money! An added benefit is that you can feel good about being green. Cutting down on waste, reusing what you have, and purchasing wisely are all great ways to be green.

So pick up the phone today or send an email and ask for “just a little help.”

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