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Bathroom Reno “Before”

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One of the hazards, according to my husband, of living with a designer is there is almost no such thing as a simple home repair. So when we found out the reason our flooring was uneven in one of our bathrooms was because there was a leaky toilet, well, you can guess where that lead. We obviously have to redo our flooring and replace part of the subfloor. And we knew when we bought this house 3 years ago the bathroom was almost fully in its 1960’s beige glory. So it’s time to remodel our bathroom. Yay!!!! I’m excited. I mean who wouldn’t be. Here is some of the beige splendor! We’ve got beige and white vinyl floors, beige and white tile and beige and white little roses on our wallpaper. And don’t you just love the white fixtures!!

PicMonkey Collage(2)

We are staying with our footprint and basic floorplan. It will keep costs down. In addition, the tub is fairly new so it will stay. But most of the rest of the bathroom is going. We will be removing the soffit or dropped ceiling in the shower. Right now it feels very closed in and little light gets in there. And as a fairly tall person, I want to move the shower head up. The window will stay and the cabinet boxes will be reused. We are going to replace PicMonkey Collagethe doors on the cabinets and the drawer boxes and add glides to the drawers. We will replace the vanity top, sink, faucet and shower fixtures. And we will center the light over the mirror. I don’t get these 2 squished to the wall light fixtures at all. We are sticking with the oil rubbed bronze hardware though. We have a 3 light fixture in another bathroom that we will use here instead of the 2 double ones. We will keep the mirror too. It’s a nice size, in good shape and may not be the newest in the design world. But part of being a sustainable designer is not just throwing everything out. I like to reuse what I can and “make it work”.

And of course we will be redoing all the tile in the shower. It will be replaced with a large format tile to minimize grout lines and places for mold to grow. And of course we will get a new floor and toilet. The toilet is a an early low flow one that is prone to clogging, so it’s time to upgrade the toilet.

Stay tuned for future developments. I will be showcasing the materials we will be using and explaining why they were chosen. In addition, I will have some 3D-renderings of what the space will be like when it’s done! And of course I will share pictures of the whole process. And you get a front row seat and don’t have to experience the dust and mess of construction!

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