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3D Renderings

3D Rendering revised-rt-miles-2 Edited

See your dreams come to life with 3D rendering!

Sometimes it can be hard to visualize what a redesigned space is going to look like, when all you have in front of you are tile samples, paint chips, and fabric swatches.  For projects big or small – new builds or small redesigns – 3D rendering can give you a great idea of what your finished project will look like, once everything is completed.

Rendering really helped direct this exterior remodel of a dated home.

Before house 2

final rendering

And the final version:


A bathroom cabinet was designed to fit the specific space in a current bathroom. The renders are the bottom pictures and the top is the end result.

Ely Main bath cabinet renders and final

A proposed kitchen in the making!

Darker kitchen RT 2 (2)

Darker kitchen RT 3 (2)

Here is a simple shed for a backyard shop that was brought to life!

Shed rendering and final

When building from the ground up, it can often be difficult to discern what certain aspects of your new house are going to look like, just from a blue print.  3D rendering can give you a clear picture of what’s to come.  After all, it’s easier to make changes in the plans, rather than make changes to the house once building has started.

Hip roof RT2 Miles 1 Delano Designs

Revised RT Miles 2 Delano Designs

collage of options

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