Delano Designs

Your home for beautiful and healthy interiors

Design Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to create beautiful and healthy interiors that make you feel good! Whether in your home or at work, we want your rooms to feel special. We want you to walk into any space in your house or workplace, look around and think, “I love this!”

How do we achieve this? By listening to you and working together to create a beautiful and functional interior.

We also believe that a beautiful interior is a healthy interior and we are constantly researching materials that are healthier, less-toxic and eco-friendly. This approach is often labeled as “green design”. But don’t think that green design is about a style or a particular look, because it is not. It is, however, all about substance; specifically the substances or materials that are used in the design. Green design is about using materials that are healthier for you and for our planet. Green design and materials help us to improve our indoor air quality. Unfortunately, many common materials in our homes and workplaces can compromise our health. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and flame retardants (PBDE’s) are found in upholstery and padding, fabrics, rugs, paints, plywood and many other materials – and these chemicals off-gas into our indoor environment. This indoor air pollution can contribute to such things as respiratory problems, allergies, and even cancer and neurological problems.

Additionally, many building materials and furnishings use precious or scare resources like endangered woods or petroleum based products. Our homes and workplaces also use a great deal of energy. So not only can going green can help us save our planet’s precious resources, it also helps us conserve energy.

As you can see, green design is a complex and evolving process. There are no perfect green materials, so at Delano Designs we take into account your specific needs and desires, as well as your budget, in order to provide you with information and options about the healthy, less-toxic, and eco-friendly materials that will work best for you and your home or workplace.

Our goal is to create a design plan that offers the absolute best choice for you, your space and, of course, your budget. So let us create a beautiful and healthy interior that makes you feel good and that you will love for years to come!