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Kitchen Overhaul

Rodgers Kitchen Overhaul Delano Designs

A complete overhaul was in order for this dated kitchen.

Despite the sunny yellow walls, this kitchen felt dark and dated.  The dividing wall above the counter separating the kitchen from the dining room made the ceilings feel low, and cut the room in half, as did the soffits above the cabinets.  The small amount of track lighting did nothing to brighten the space or provide adequate task lighting while cooking.

In order to update this space, the kitchen was essentially gutted.  Gone are the soffits – replaced with locally sourced solid wood and formaldehyde free plywood cabinets in a light finish, that reach the ceiling.  The partial wall between the kitchen and the dining room was removed, opening the space up for task lighting above the bar, where two new modern barstools were placed.

The paneling on the walls was removed, and replaced with tile in gray, green, and blue tones, featuring small flecks of brown that pick up on the color of the countertops.  The counters themselves are Paperstone – made of recycled paper and resin, making them extremely eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Rodger's Accent collage Delano Designs

Small details such as live edge wood shelves featuring colorful vases, and staggered tile descending down the wall create a fun definition between the kitchen and dining room areas. The fluted edging that finishes off the countertop extending over the eat in bar area adds personality to the space, and also highlights the built in shelving for cookbooks below.

By creating the shape and look of a rug, using the Marmoleum flooring, the dining room achieved a beautiful focal point.

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