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Public Spaces: Coastal Church

pastor-matt-after watermarked

A warm and inviting place of Worship

This inviting space was redesigned using our Online Interior Design service.  Pastor Matt contacted us wanting to modernize the sanctuary platform and the baptismal tub in his church, as well as create an engaging space for worship.

Pastor Matt before Delano Designs

Long shot

A 3D rendering of the space to come was developed (see above), we made a few adjustments to the design and the completed space is below.

Pastor Matt after Delano Designs

One of the Pastor’s requests was to find a flooring that would not make footsteps echo loudly throughout the church when walked on – but because of the water from the baptismal tub, carpet was not an ideal choice.  Cork was installed to create a soft yet durable surface.  The cross on the ceiling was originally brown, which made the ceilings feel lower and enclosed the space.  By painting it white, the room was brightened and heightened, while still keeping the cross a key feature of the space. And the addition of the stacked stone brought in the natural, yet modern element the baptismal area needed.

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