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Curious about our work, but not sure if we’d be the right fit for you?  Here are a few words from some of our satisfied customers.


Working with Alison made it possible for us to have a green building. We were so busy with so many decisions regarding construction, we didn’t have time to research products. Alison did it for us. When we were ready for the next step, Alison either had the answer or researched it for us as well as knew where to buy it. We are thrilled with our new clinic. One of the most common exclamations is “It FEELS so good”  Never a day of toxic smells. We would not have gone green without the help. Yes, green is more expensive, yes, some of the contractors find it amusing or maybe incredulous,  but we are so grateful we were encouraged and assisted in the green process. Thank you, Alison!

Sharell Tracy, D.C.
Tracy and Keim Chiropractic



Alison Kelly of Delano Designs exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her. She spent extra time on my initial consultation and then even more of her time to locate color samples. Afterwards she took the time to write a thorough letter concerning all we had talked about. Alison was quite friendly and was always willing to answer any questions that I had by phone or e-mail. She was also open to any input I had and was environmentally conscious as well.

Van Likes



We were faced with a remodeling emergency after our water filter burst under our kitchen sink. Water soaked along the kitchen floor to the adjacent rooms and through the floor to the rooms below! We had quite a mess.
We didn’t do an entire kitchen remodel, but Alison’s ideas helped update our kitchen and the adjacent rooms to exactly what we needed them to be. She was there for us every step of the way, from great design solutions to protecting us from chemicals. She has a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips, and already knows or she will find the solution to any problem you can throw at her.
Alison loves the process and her enthusiasm is contagious. She inspired me to see what was possible, and was there when I needed an understanding soul when things got tough. In addition, I learned to see other things that I could easily improve around the house after the major work was done. We are thrilled with our kitchen and the other rooms that we updated.

M. C Smith



I find Alison to be easy to work with, always encouraging, and wonderful at pulling together the many different elements I want into a cohesive, beautiful, and environmentally healthy space.  She has this uncanny way of picturing what I am seeing and then drawing it out for me even better than I had imagined.  As an artist, I have had so much fun collaborating with Alison in creating the office I have always wanted.  She consistently went above and beyond my expectations by having information ready, divergent ideas for me to choose from and drawings that made buying and arranging furniture easy.
Linda Leanne
Inner Rhythms, Joyful Voice!



I knew Alison was the decorator for me when I saw that she had been a counselor. I needed a counselor to help me with my indecision and lack of belief in my own taste. It was genuine fun working with Alison and she seemed to be able to incorporate what she learned about us and how we live with her own creative talents. We are very pleased with our new living room and our new kitchen. Both have been updated and are comfortable and feel like home. She also referred us to other honest, efficient and skilled workers.I’d highly recommend Alison Kelly/ Delano Designs to anyone who is looking for a skilled decorator who is downright fun to work with.
Anne O’Brien, Eugene



Any remodel process can be hectic, but when trying to complete one within a church family, it can become overwhelming very quickly.  Delano Designs helped to make it as simple as possible.  They helped with color schemes and suggestive proposals, they were so kind to create a beautiful pictured model of our desire and plans and that truly helped not only cast a vision for the new auditorium, but also helped keep the focus of others on what the finished product will look like.  I would recommend their expertise and look forward to using them in the future for our own ministry projects.
Pastor Matt G.

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